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Beards, Brews, and Bikes July 19-21, 2018


2018 Convention

Vendor Information

and Application

The following information applies to a future convention/rally event July19th, 20th, 21st, 2018 in Butte, MT. If you are interested in a vendor spot please carefully read and fill out the information below and return to [email protected] We are not accepting more alcohol vendors at this time.

Cost --

Merchant Vendor fee waiver (contact for information)

• $250.00 (Consists of 3 parking space sized lots (20X30 foot total) 

Limited number of 10x10 spaces available at $125.

Set-up time – 6-7am(this time can be adjusted as necessary)  Gates open at 8am

The venue, nor the convention will be held responsible for vendor wares or damages. Vendors are encouraged not to leave wares overnight and to carry some form of insurance.

Vendor Doors Open – 8:00 AM Close – By Midnight (These times may change, and vendors will be updated promptly) Cancellation must be made 30 days in advance of the event in order to receive a refund. Notification of any time changes by the event will be made prior to this 30 days.

Insurance – Beards, Brews and Bikes encourages vendors to obtain their own insurance policy. Food vendors must have a food permit, a copy of which is to be included with the application.

Food Vendors – All vendors who will be providing any type of food product will be required to have the proper city permit to vend food. This permit must be presented at the registration desk prior to set-up, no exceptions. You can contact the health department at Butte-Silver Bow Health Department 25 West Front Butte, Montana 59701 406-497-5020 FAX 406-723-7245 for more information.

Lodging – There are several different options for lodging in Butte. Please watch the rally website for updates. Dry camping is allowed and a security guard will be posted on the Civic Center grounds.

Vendor Confirmation – IMPORTANT - While we would like to accommodate all vendors, there is limited space. You will be contacted well before the event or immediately. Due to the nature of this event vendor (types) will be limited to prevent too much conflict. Waiting list announcements will be made at least 30 days prior to the event start date.

Load/Unload – There will be many people trying to load and unload. Please remain conscious and courteous of other vendors and guests. Do not block driveway areas and other vehicles for long periods of time. Do not park in emergency vehicle areas.

Venue Address – 1340 Harrison Ave, Butte, MT 59701

2018 Vendor Application

Business Name: ________________________________________________

Contact Person: ________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Phone #: (___)___-______ Email: _________________________________

Website/Facebook: ______________________________________________

Type of goods: _________________________________________________

The event will attempt to accommodate space as much as possible. Power is limited and will be an additional charge if needed. If you would like power please contact us in advance to make arrangements. We expect most vendors will bring their own power/generator.

Please consider donating either an amount or percentage of sales to the event so that it can continue to flourish. Donations will be accepted immediately following the last day of the event.

Amount $_________________

Percentage of Sales %___________

Please mail your application to the following: Attn: Vendor Application

[email protected]

Please email [email protected] or message us on Facebook if you have any questions. Vendor application will not be accepted without a signed VENDOR AGREEMENT AND LIABILITY FORM. Signature must be written, not typed.



This agreement is made and entered in to by and between Beards, Brews, and Bikes L.L.C. and the undersigned identified below (“vendor”). Vendor wishes to participate in the 2018 Beards, Brews, and Bikes Convention (“The Convention”), an event scheduled for July 19th, 20th and 21st, 2018 in Butte, MT at 1340 Harrison Ave, Butte, MT 59701.

1. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Vendor agrees to sell, distribute and display at the convention space the products and wares described in the Vendor Application that meet the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Items that may not be sold include drugs or drug paraphernalia, guns or anything deemed inappropriate by Beards, Brews, and Bikes. Event staff retain the right to ask that any product be removed from display at any time if it is deemed inappropriate. All adult material must be covered appropriately!

2.Vendor understands and agrees that the Vendor spaces are assigned. A vendor loyalty program will be established after the first convention year. Vendor understands that space assignments are not guaranteed. Vendors will be notified of their space assignment by 30 days prior to the event.

3.Vendor agrees to the setup and tear down schedules as outlined in the Vendor Information provided above. Vendor must be setup and open when the Festival begins and preferably remain open during festival hours. Vendor booth should never be left unattended and the convention will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged materials.

4.Vendor acknowledges that Beards, Brews, and Bikes L.L.C. provides volunteers to assist Vendors with BOOTH LOCATION not FOR UNLOADING OR LOADING OF ITEMS. Vendor agrees that IN NO EVENT IS Beards, Brews, and Bikes L.L.C., the venue, OR ITS VOLUNTEERS LIABLE TO VENDOR OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY THEFT, DAMAGE, INJURY, LOSS OR DEATH OR ANY CAUSE OF ACTION WHETHER ARISING IN TORT, CONTRACT OTHERWISE.

5. Vendor agrees that Beards, Brews, and Bikes L.L.C. shall not be required to make any alterations to the Vendor space. Vendor spaces outside these parameters must be negotiated with the Vendor Team Leader in conjunction with this Agreement in advance.

6.Vendor décor is encouraged but should fit the theme of a motorcycle rally.

7.Vendor agrees to maintain clean and sanitary conditions at its Vendor space at all times, and will remove all trash from and around its immediate vicinity at the close of day. Trash should be deposited in designated trash and/or recycling receptacles on convention grounds. Noncompliance with this may result in a fine for littering.

8.Although Beards, Brews, and Bikes L.L.C. provides security personal who will patrol during convention hours, Beards, Brews, and Bikes L.L.C. is not responsible for loss of or damage to Vendor property. Vendor is responsible for staffing its space during and after Convention hours.

9.Vendor will conduct themselves according to event policy at all times and maintain a professional manner when conducting business and handling customers.

10.Vendor agrees to comply with all local laws and ordinances and will maintain a standard of behavior that is suitable for this event. Should a Vendor or its staff fail to conduct themselves appropriately and engage in behavior which has been deemed unsuitable by Beards, Brews, and Bikes L.L.C., the Vendor will be told to close the Vendor booth and vacate the premises immediately. This includes report or evidence of overindulgence of alcohol, any use of illegal substances or other offensive behavior (e.g.,loud and disruptive or inappropriate speech or language) or damage to the venue, or their grounds(e.g, rooms, lawn, parking lot anywhere within their boundaries). This includes behavior while dry camping.

11.Vendor agrees to provide its own means of shade or shelter, tables, chairs etc. for outside space and is responsible for its own set up and tear down operations. All vendor spaces are outdoors rain or shine. Vendor agrees to continuously staff its space or secure goods until the close of the festival day.

12.Vendor agrees to hold harmless of damages and in the event of convention cancellation, event staff and organizers, the venue, and Beards, Brews, and Bikes L.L.C.

13.While we respect freedom of speech and the men and women who have died defending it, this event is not a political or religious “activism” platform. Any such activities will result in immediate removal from the event and forfeiture of deposit. This includes the advertising of, petitions for, etc.

14:Special notice to tattoo artists. You will be responsible for disposal of any hazardous materials in a secured container including needles, gauze, band aids, etc. You will also be required to be practicing within city/county health ordinance rules.


Printed name:_________________________Date:________________



Payment is due either immediately after notification or within 15 days of approval. Payments can be made by cashier’s check to Beards, Brews, Bikes L.L.C. and mailed to **Address and tax ID provided with acceptance**


Signed and dated Vendor Agreement_____

Beards, Brews, and Bikes (optional) Donation____

Food Vendor permit (if necessary)____

All booths must be open and have personnel in attendance during posted event times while goods are unsecured.

Beards, Brews, and Bikes will assign vendors spaces and reserve the right

to reassign when necessary.

Service animals are welcome, but expected to behave as outlined in the ADA.

The above regulations are subject to change. Please contact Vendor Coordinator for further information.

We hope to see you there.

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